Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding Flowers

The decorations for your wedding can be a major feature of the ceremony. In particular, the flowers that are around the venue can add to the charm of the ceremony. When you are in the process of planning the wedding, having a firm logistical plan for your flowers can be important for making sure the ceremony goes smoothly.

Choose Flowers That Are In Season

A basic strategy that you can follow is to opt for flowers that are currently in season. These flowers are usually available for lower prices, and they will typically be healthier and more vibrant in color. Furthermore, these flowers will be much easier to locate, which can further reduce the stress of planning the wedding.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Wedding Venue

It can be common for individuals to want as many flowers as possible for their wedding. However, it can be a mistake to order more flowers than the venue can comfortably hold. This mistake will cause the venue to become crowded. In addition to making those attending the wedding less comfortable, it may also increase the risk of someone tripping on the flowers and suffering an injury. Rather than smothering the venue with flowers, a more effective approach can be to use the flowers as accents for the venue.

Consider The Allergies Of Those Attending

There are some individuals that may be particularly sensitive to certain types of flowers. When these individuals are exposed to these flowers, they can experience a rather severe allergy attack, which could disrupt the service and lead to extreme discomfort. If you are aware of someone attending that has serious allergies, you may want to consult with them so you can avoid having any flowers in the venue that could be particularly likely to cause a serious allergic reaction.

Have A Plan For The Leftover Flowers

At the end of the ceremony, there will be many flowers left over. Disposing of these flowers can be immensely difficult as some areas may have rules in place limiting the amount of plant matter that can be put in traditional dumpsters. If there are these rules in the location where you will be holding the wedding, you may want to have a plan for what to do with the leftover flowers. This could include using them as decorations for the honeymoon or simply using them for compost. Planning for this need ahead of time can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed while you are cleaning up after the wedding ceremony.

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