How To Give Mom Flowers That Last

Flowers are a big thing to give moms on Mother's Day. There is just one problem with most cut flowers and flower bouquets- they die. If you want to tell your mom how special you think she is, why not give her flowers that last a long time? Here are some suggestions on how you can give your mom flowers that will last and remind her every day of how much you love her.

Hanging Terrariums 

Hanging terrariums can be hung inside or outside, depending on the seasons and the weather. Most terrariums are enclosed but allow for water to be poured into the terrariums. Some terrariums are open, too. You can purchase desert terrariums with varieties of cacti and desert roses in them, or you can purchase terrariums with small annual flowers that will rebloom every year. Slightly larger hanging terrariums often include bulb flowers that continue to bloom and grow year after year, but they do not grow very tall (e.g., crocuses, mini-hyacinths, etc.).

Potted Bulb Flowers

Bulb flowers are any flowers that grow from a bulb instead of seeds. Bulb flowers are annual plants, regrowing and reblooming every spring or summer. However, if the bulbs overwinter in a warm place, they may rebloom before spring. Examples of potted bulb flowers frequently sold by florists and mass merchandisers are tulips, full-sized hyacinths, and daffodils or jonquils. If your mom prefers, she can transfer these flowers to her own garden once the flowers have finished blooming this year.

Rose Bushes and Rose Trees (Potted)

Rose bushes will give your mom roses all the time. Rose trees will give her roses above ground, where rabbits and other animals are less likely to make an attempt to eat the blooms. Most of the time, these two options are planted and have begun to bloom in time for Mother's Day. Even if they have not bloomed yet, you can buy the bushes or trees with some nice greenery on them and some obvious bloom heads that are about to burst open. Your mom can place them somewhere sunny and watch them blossom. She can also replant them outside if she wants.

Sunflowers That Are about to Drop Their Seeds

Not all flowers have their seeds below ground. If your mom loves sunflowers, you will want to buy her some that are heavy with mature seeds. When the seeds drop, she can plant them and grow her own grove of sunflowers. She can also toast and salt or chocolate-coat the shelled seeds and enjoy part of your gift as a healthy snack.

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