3 Reasons To Send Gardenias In A Box

Why should you send gardenias in a box? It's not exactly like sending flowers is an earth-shatteringly creative idea. You send roses, a colorful bouquet or something similar. But what about doing something different? That's where gardenias come in. They're fragrant, they're delicately beautiful, and they aren't the same old same old. Whether you just want to say, "I love you," you're celebrating a special occasion, you want to cheer up a friend/family member or you need to say "Thank you," check out how a box filled with gardenias can make someone's day.

Secret Love

It's no secret that people tend to send flowers to their par amours. Even though the modern take on sending flowers includes picking any type of beautiful bloom, during Victorian times gardenias were special. Why? They symbolized a secret or untold love. So if you want to tell your secret crush that you've got your eye on their heart, go old school and say it with gardenias in a box.

Wedding Present

Gardenias don't just signify a "secret love." Their white color also symbolizes purity. Think of a white wedding dress and you'll get the picture. The flower is often used as part of wedding bouquets as well. If you've got a friend or family member who is getting married, gardenias are ideal as a pre-wedding gift. It's not likely that the bride needs another bouquet. Between the one she's going to carry down the aisles and the centerpieces on her reception tables, she'll appreciate a floral gift that isn't anything like one of the many that she already has. Instead of sending a gardenia bouquet, sending gardenias in a box makes a statement with sweet sentiment – in a not-so-common way.

Fabulous Fragrance

These flowers are well-known for their fragrance. Gardenias have a scent that tends to stick around. Not only will your gift recipient get something to look at, but they'll also get a way to scent their home, office or other space. An entire box of the blooms will add plenty of fragrance and will remind your friend, significant other, spouse, secret love or family member that you were thinking about them when you picked out the gift.

You're looking for a way to show your love, friendship or appreciation to someone special. Send gardenias in a box if you want to make a true statement. These fragrant flowers will leave a lasting impression, while the box design is sure to make a statement. 

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