3 Flowers For Funerals And Their Meanings

If you have to send flowers to a funeral, you may wonder what kind of flowers you should send. There are several flowers that are traditional to send to funerals and they each have their own meanings, so that may help you decide which flowers you want to send. 


One of the most common funeral flowers is the calla lily. These beautiful white flowers are meant to stand for the innocence that the deceased has returned to after their death. They are also a symbol of purity and peace. If you don't want to send a calla lily arrangement, you could go with stargazer lilies instead, which are supposed to symbolize sympathy itself. An arrangement with calla lilies and stargazer lilies would show that you have sympathy for the family while still expressing that you believe the deceased's soul has returned to a state of innocence and purity. 


Carnations are another common flower that you see at funerals. Carnations come in a variety of colors and white carnations can be dyed into a wide range of colors as well. If you want to have a custom color, you will have to make sure that you order the arrangement early so that the flowers can be dyed as necessary. Each color of carnation is supposed to stand for something different. For example, white carnations are supposed to stand for pure love and innocence, so they may make the perfect flower for a funeral arrangement for a young child. If the deceased was someone you particularly admired and respected, you may want to make sure that you add in some red carnations into whatever arrangement you are sending. One benefit of carnations is that they have a pleasant scent, last a long time in case loved ones want to take them home, and press and dry well in case a loved one wants to press them for remembrance. 


Tulips aren't something that you often see in a funeral arrangement, but they can be a nice addition to any arrangement. Since tulips are a springtime flower, they can represent the circle of life and the inevitable renewal that is part of life. They can be a sign of hope as well. 

If you have to come up with the right sympathy flowers for a funeral, you want to make sure that you get something that is going to be beautiful and appropriate. 

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